What is natural gas?

Natural gas consists mainly of methane, followed by ethane, propane, and butane. It’s formed by decomposing organic matter trapped in porous rock that can be found underground.

You can’t see natural gas when it’s first extracted from the earth. It’s a colourless and odourless fossil fuel. Unlike other fuels such as diesel, petrol or liquid petroleum gas (LPG), which are all heavier than air, natural gas is lighter than air, and will more easily dissipate should a natural gas leak occur. This makes it different to LPG but a natural gas leak should still be taken seriously. 

Natural gases are imported by licensed importers in Singapore.

We at Nebula Engineering provide services for Natural Gas Inspections.

What is Town Gas

Town gas is mostly made of hydrogen and methane, similar to natural gases they are colourless and odourless as well. Unlike Natural Gas, Town gas is man-made and piped to end users rather than naturally occuring.
Hydrogen is highly flammable and if you suspect there is a leak you should follow the gas safety tips on our website and contact us to locate and fix the leak as soon as possible.

Town gas is produced by mainly City Gas Pte Ltd in Singapore.

We at Nebula Engineering provide services for Town Gas Inspections and Installations.

Why do gases smell like rotten eggs?

While these gases are indeed odourless, before it’s piped to domestic consumers, a smell is added to these  gas as a method of leak detection.

What are these gases used for?

  • At home – cooking stoves and water heaters
  • Commercial – cooking, heating, drying and hot water
  • Industrial – processing and manufacturing
  • Power generation – power station turbines and cogeneration plants